About Me

This is my obligatory "About Me" page. I would have created an "About You" page, but I just don't know you at all. Besides, you probably already have one of your own.

Truths about me you should know:

  • I've got an unhealthy obsession with designing interactive experiences. I'll admit that no matter how much I learn, whether from direct experience or from a book, there's that lurking feeling that I just don't know enough and can do better.
  • I learned web design from a bunch of hacks during the late 90s and have officially unlearned it all, and replaced it with a solid foundation of web standards, best practices and I can safely say that I know how all the kids are doing things these days.
  • Good news is that I've been relearning at a ridiculous pace, but wish I could get my Masters in Interaction Design from SVA, where Liz Danzico is the chair of the newly created program, with a stellar faculty list including the likes of Jeffrey Zeldman and Jason Santa Maria. But life has been my classroom, and having three young kids—and now a fourth on the way!—makes going back for a masters a fantasy.
  • But that's ok because my childhood best friend and I used to write our own computer programs when we were in grammar school... you know, the "choose-your-own-adventure" type of games that would present a player with a series of questions that they would answer, and based on their answer the program would take them on a certain path. Our favorite one was "There's a really cute girl in front of you.
    • Do you want to:
      • a) French her
      • b) ignore her
      • c) throw sand at her
  • The best part about it was that we'd write about 200 lines of "code" in Basic, and then it would vanish because we never had a disc to save it to. But we were quite content rewriting the dang thing over and over again. It's all about the process, you know.
  • I drive my wife crazy when she watches me surf the web because every site I'm on I'll Cmnd + Shift + 3 it to disable style sheets w/ the Web Developer Extension for Firefox, or right click everything to see what is Flash and what is good clean markup. Nothing makes me happier when I see clean separation of content and presentation.
  • I love to sail and I just bought my first sail boat, a 1965 24' Columbia. It's a full keel with a cabin that sleeps four adults. Score.
  • I was a skateboarder for most of my youth, and I still am at heart. But before I leave this earth I will learn to ride a half-pipe or a pool (I was always too much of a chicken-shit to make a fool of myself while learning, or maybe I was afraid of breaking my neck)
  • My idea of summer reading is the iPhone Human Interface guide or any Edward Tufte book. Sad, I know.

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