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Unsolicited Redesign of the Week: Time Magazine

First in my series of quick and easy redesigns that can be done in 10 minutes or less to dramatically improve a site. Hey, maybe they'll even run into these posts and adopt the change. Free of charge!

Site: Time.com


When the page loaded for me, the first thing I noticed was the red border around the main content of the site. Yikes, when good branding goes bad. It's totally unnecessary and distracts the reader from what their primary activity on the site is: reading!

So, here's the page as it is online:


And here it is after literally 25 seconds of design work to tone down that red border to keep the readers eyes comfortably on the content area, and extended the header strip to be full-width. Ahhhh. Now that's better. Another thing I'd recommend by not going to waste the time doing is to decrease the left-margin of the post content, it's way too far into the page, thus reducting the span of the content. Plus, it just looks bad. I suspect that the content was indented to get it away from the red border that is screaming out for attention.


And that wraps up the first installment of the "Unsolicited Redesign of the Week."


Have a great weekend folks.

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