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The Power Law graph rears its head

I just dipped into our AddThis analytics page to see what content is being shared and to which services from the houseparty.com platform. I was surprised to see the Power Law Distribution graph in the results for "Services" people are sharing to. Facebook clearly takes the lead, followed by email a good distance down, then by Twitter. All the remaining services slowly taper off across the X-axis. I know what you're thinking, "Hey Tom, what about the "Other" bar, that throws off the graph?" At first glance, yes it does, but "Other" is a clustering of all of the other social platforms out there in the interwebs. If each was broken out, the long tail would continue to grow longer and longer. So there you have it.

Want to learn more about the Power Law Distribution Graph? Check the Wikipedia entry.


Clay Shirkey's Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations is a great read that points out other places the Power Law graph shows its face.

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