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20 Minute iPhone Optimization: Noomii.com

I'm going to start a new practice of picking websites that don't yet have a mobile-ready version of their site or app, and take twenty minutes to mock-up what their home page might be like in order for it to be successful on small-screened devices like the iPhone and Android.

 An aquaintence is the CEO of Noomii, so after attempting to visit the site on my iPhone I was inspired to re-imagine Noomii's iPhone-specific design. (I've also sent them a JPEG to check out!)

The basic gist of Noomii (New Me) is that it's a service that not only matches life coaches with coachees (not a word, is it?), but also offers really simple and useful tools to manage the entire coaching experience. A really great idea.

So, here's a screenshot of their desktop website.

And here's the 20 minute iPhone Optimized version. You can see that due to the limited real estate, it forces one to simplify, to boil it down to the bare essentials. Special thanks to Teehan + Lax for their incredible iPhone 4.0 Photoshop template. Don't have it yet? Go and get it.

Not bad, eh? Let me know what you think!

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