Penultimate Sketch Templates for desktop & iPhone design
Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 12:26PM
Thomas Daly

Penultimate just launced an update to their iPad app that lets users make their own paper backgrounds from photos or images in your library. Just a few days ago I was wishing for that very thing! So I've quickly modified a few of the existing templates I've been using in Omnigraffle to fit the Penultimate canvas, and will continue to create some more. Enjoy them and let me know how they work out for you!



  1. Download these PNG files
  2. Get them into your iPad photo library (email or SMS them to yourself)
  3. Make sure you upgrade to the latest version of Penultimate and then hit the paper icon in top right
  4. Add new paper background templates
  5. Design away!

I'd like to give credit to Adaptive Path (for the desktop web schematic) and (for the iPhone schematic) All I did was reformat them for use within Penultimate. All lawsuit-related inquiries can be posted as comments here ;)


Desktop web - One Up

Desktop web - Two Up

Desktop web - Four Up

iPhone - One Up

 iPhone - Three Up



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